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I Love ALL Dogs Bracelet™ (1 Bracelet = 5 Meals)

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I Love ALL Dogs Bracelet™ (1 Bracelet = 5 Meals)
I Love ALL Dogs Bracelet™ (1 Bracelet = 5 Meals)

1 Bracelet Feeds 5 Dogs

Every I Love ALL Dogs Bracelet™ you purchase provides food to fur babies in need! A part of your purchase goes to our charity partner, who collaborates with local dog shelters to feed hungry shelter dogs.

Millions of dogs around the world need our help...

The World Health Organization reports that over 200 million dogs worldwide are homeless, suffering from hunger, and neglected, desperately requiring assistance. These sweet innocent animals need our help!

Be the hero that saves a dog in need...

Each purchase of an I Love ALL Dogs Bracelet™ feed 5 shelter dogs in dire need. By purchasing a bracelet you can make an impact and be the hero these dogs desperately need!

Over 200,000 Dogs Fed

Since opening our doors in late 2023, we've fed over 200,000 fur babies!

How many more dogs can we feed with you on our side?


Unfortunately there are a lot of scams on the internet, so we can understand your fear.

Thanks for making sure the fur babies are truly taken care of!

However, we are one of the good guys! 4PawsBracelets has been featured in many major news outlets including Fox, abc, CBS, and NBC!

To help you in your decision to feed 5 dogs, check out this page HERE that goes a bit more into our history and charity partnerships!

We're so glad you asked! This year over 3 MILLION dogs will enter shelters in the US. Almost half of these dogs will die due to lack of funding.

Shelters need food to feed their dogs, which is where your bracelet will help.

But this is only half the battle!

When you wear your I Love ALL Dogs Bracelet™ or give them away as gifts, you raise awareness for the fur babies who need our help!

Let the I Love ALL Dogs Bracelet™ be a reminder to anyone who wears it, receives it as a gift, or sees you wearing it that these voiceless souls need our help!

Please continue to help save animals! We do not in any way want you to stop funding shelters, charities, etc.

The I Love ALL Dogs Bracelet™ is a NEW way of saving dogs.

With the I Love ALL Dogs Bracelet™ you can feed hundreds of dogs without spending hundreds of dollars. How?

For every I Love ALL Dogs Bracelet™ you give as a gift or share on social media, you are raising awareness and encouraging others to feed 5 dogs as well!

However, if you would like to make a direct donation to our partner charity instead of ordering a bracelet, you can do so on their website HERE.

Great question! Once you order your bracelet, you will receive a confirmation email from the 4PawsBracelets owner.

Then a few days later, you will receive an email with a photo of the dog/ dogs you helped feed!

Every bracelet is one size fits all. However, if your bracelet for some reason does not fit, you can return it for a complete refund! For smaller wrists, the bracelet may be slightly loose. Our bracelets are commonly bought as gifts for children, and we have not received any issues. However, if the bracelet is too big, you may return it for a refund!

Each bracelet is handmade with natural stone beads.

All bracelets are shipped from the USA, so it will take approximately 7 days for your bracelet to arrive.

When you purchase your order, you will receive a tracking number within 48 business hours to stay notified every step of the way!

No worries!

We have a 5-day return policy, which means you have 5 days after receiving your item to request a refund.

All bracelets are shipped from the USA

Are the bracelets adjustable?

No, the bracelets are not adjustable. Every bracelet is one size fits all. However, if your bracelet for some reason does not fit, we will be happy to send you a complete refund!

Can I customize my bracelet?

No, we do not offer customization for bracelets.

Are the bracelets hypoallergenic?

Yes! All jewelry from our store is made with sensitive skin in mind. If you find that your bracelet causes discomfort, please reach out to us and we'll offer a refund!

Are the bracelets waterproof?

Yes! All jewelry from our store is waterproof. However, we do recommend taking them off before you shower/ swim to maintain their quality.

What happens if my bracelet breaks?

No worries! If your bracelet breaks within the first 5 days of delivery, reach out to our customer support team to receive a replacement.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We offer FREE shipping to the US, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

How can I track my order?

You can track your order on our site using your tracking number.

Click here to track your order.

Are you a charity?

No, we are not a charity. We are a store that partners with charities like GreaterGood Charity to help them raise funds and awareness. If you do not want a bracelet and instead want to make a direct donation, you can do so on the GreaterGood website HERE.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Dale C.

I bought 2 bracelets the first time. I was wearing both when I stop at CVS and my pharmacist told me she had just lost her beloved dog. I took one of the bracelets off my wrist and gave it to her in memory of her beloved dog. She put it on while crying. Needless to say I reordered 4 more. I love them plus they are so comfortable.

Super cute!

I ordered 5 bracelets so I can give them as gifts. They are super cute, comfortable to wear and helps dogs. Love it!

Bracelets, bracelets, bracelets!!!

I’ve purchased 3 elastic paw bracelets. 1 black and 2 turquoise. The first one I’ve been wearing nonstop. There is no sign of wear. Love them and the bonus, this purchase helps animals in need!!!

I love my 2 Bracelets!

I ordered 2 Bracelets one black and the other teal! They are beautiful! I love them and I love helping animals! I have 8 animals. I rescued them from the shelter and then the others I found on the side of the road (2 puppies) somebody threw out.

Very Nice

I ordered two bracelets one in white and one in the teal, really like them both.

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