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Every Item Feeds A Shelter Dog In Need

How Each Item Feeds A Shelter Dog

For every item ordered, we send funds to charities that provide meals to local animal shelters. This lowers euthanasia rates and allows shelters to put more funds toward medical care and helping their pets find their forever home!

Meet The Dogs We've Fed!

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"My name is Acorn, I lost my parents a few months ago.Ā My human parents were getting old and when my mom passed, I was given to a shelter.Ā But even though I was sad and heartbroken, my spirit remained strong! Yesterday, I received a bunch of food from the 4Paws community! Thanks for all that you do to help fur babies like me!"

"My name is Burton, and I was rescued in a cold place with no blankets, no warm bed, and no one to love me. When I had almost given up, I was rescued. My rescuers saw I had a tumor on my nose and quickly helped me. Today, I have a shorter snout than all of my fur friends. ButI can still enjoy all the yummy food from the 4Paws club!"

"My name is Kauffman. A few months ago, I was wandering the city with a limp and a painful ear infection. Luckily,Ā I was rescued before the infection spread. It took me a bit to get used to my new home, but I've learned new tricks! I can sit, shake, and roll over! I'm still working on 'stay' but why would I want to do that?! Welcome to the 4Paws club!"